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I’m SO SO sorry.. I haven’t been updating this tumblr for SO long..

Well, so many things happened. Firstly, we won’t be seeing each other this year. At first, we planned to meet during June, but then we changed plans to August. You all know that shit happens, right? Well.. Boyfriend has got a letter. He’s enlisting to National Service by 13th June. We both know it’s not going to be easy for us. Although, we keep on fighting! I love him more than anything and I will never give up on us, since he’s my only reason to stay alive.

Despite all this, I’m recovering from depression. Or maybe it’s just a better period? I have no clue, but I hope for the best. He is my greatest medicine. Also, I have got new kind of pills, which are more stronger than my previous ones.

Keep on fighting babies! I love you all!


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We are seeing each other for the very first time on June!!! (:


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How come your arms aren't around me?

Supian | 21 | Singapore
Aleksandra | 15 | Poland

Love doesn't count the miles.
It's measured by the heart.

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